Form your Virtual Team!


Form your Virtual Team!


You earn 25 points when you assemble your virtual team early beginning Monday, June 1, 2021 to Friday, June 30, 2021. Each team member must have a tracker??.... account to participate. Invite your coworkers to join your virtual team. Don’t forget to name your team! 

How many members can I have on my virtual team? The minimum to form a team is one member and the maximum is five members. A minimum of three members is required to qualify to win ..................

If I’m working from home, how can I form my virtual team? If forming a virtual team feels like it might be difficult, try finding three colleagues who will be your 'step buddies' with who you can form a virtual team. Virtually walk with your step buddies during breaks, for meetings, or other times.

Can I still participate if I want to compete by myself? Yes, you can form a virtual team with just one person.

How do teams compete if they can’t see each other in person? Virtually! Do an activity with your team over Zoom, Google Meets, or other video/audio platform to get your steps in throughout the 4-week competition.

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