Make sure you drink enough!
Not only during your training but also during the entire day. Especially after your training it is important to replenish your fluid. During your training you lose many important vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Supplement this with, for example, the right sports drinks or a Powerbar.

Don’t forget to take drinks and food with you.
There is nothing more annoying and also more dangerous to go on the road without drinking for a long endurance run in hot weather. Take your water or your own sports drink with you.

Did you know that you lose the most heat through your head?
A cap is nice against the sun, but can also cause an overheated head. If you choose a cap, take a well-ventilated cap or bring a sweatband or hair band to keep wet hair out of your eyes. 

Be careful not to become a lobster!
If you run in the sun it looks like you are discolored twice as fast. Make sure you rub yourself well with the right sunscreen with a high factor. Choose a sunscreen that is water / sports proof. While running at these temperatures you sweat a lot and a good sunscreen that does its job well under those circumstances is a must. NOTE: Especially the ears and nose protrusions that burn very quickly.

Watch out for tick bites
Since the route also runs through a wooded area, it is advisable to check yourself for ticks after your run. Have your running buddy check your hair for a moment and really check every spot on your body. Ticks nestle in your strangest places. A tick bite can cause Lyme disease. 

Protect your eyes against that yellow everyone's friend! 
Don't forget to bring your sunglasses. You protect your eyes with the 100% UV filter glasses and you can enjoy your run undisturbed.


In the start-finish area, along the route and on the approach routes to the start-finish area, there is a total ban on flyers, sampling and other promotional activities. You can of course wear your own company shirt. It is not intended that graffiti advertising is written on the trail / walkway. If you want to hang banners on our fence, you can, but they must be removed and taken away afterwards.


Do you have a great song that represents your team, makes you enthusiastic or lets you run faster! Pass it on to our DJ Jack van Pamelen (